POWERHOUSE Multifunctional Ingredient 


CellFlo6™ Green Tea Extract

CellFlo6™ is a proprietary performance green tea extract designed with specific levels of catechins to help support cardiovascular health, muscle recovery, metabolic health, immune health, and weight management.

  • Catechins are a type of flavonoid, which is a class of plant compounds known for their antioxidant properties 

CellFlo6™, is considered a powerhouse ingredient in a REBELLION due to its various beneficial properties. Here's why:

  1. Enhanced Cardiovascular Health: CellFlo6™, specifically contains catechins, which are potent antioxidants that have been shown to support cardiovascular health. They help protect the heart and blood vessels from oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby promoting healthy blood flow and cardiovascular function. Improved cardiovascular health is essential during workouts as it enhances stamina and endurance. 

    • The improved blood flows leads to some VICIOUS SKIN TIGHT PUMPS 

  2. Muscle Recovery Support: Intense workouts can lead to muscle damage and inflammation. CellFlo6™ contains specific catechins that possess anti-inflammatory properties, which aids in reducing muscle soreness and accelerating the recovery process. By minimizing post-workout inflammation, CellFlo6™ helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts recover faster, enabling them to train more frequently and at higher intensities.

    3. Weight Management Support: Maintaining a healthy weight is often a goal for individuals engaging in exercise. CellFlo6™, with its specific levels of catechins, aids in weight management by promoting fat oxidation, as mentioned earlier. By increasing energy expenditure and fat burning, CellFlo6™ may contribute to the overall calorie deficit necessary for weight loss or weight maintenance.

    4. Immune Health Boost: Regular exercise can temporarily suppress the immune system, making individuals more susceptible to illnesses. CellFlo6™ contains catechins, which possess immune-modulating properties. These compounds help strengthen the immune system, making it more resilient to potential disruptions caused by intense physical activity.