Infinergy, also known as Dicaffeine Malate, is a patented ingredient developed by Creative Compounds. It combines caffeine and malic acid in a ratio of approximately 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid.

  • This means that 100mg of Infinergy contains around 75mg of caffeine and 25mg of malic acid.

The combination of caffeine and malic acid in Infinergy provides a unique benefit for pre-workout supplementation. It delivers a delayed and long-lasting form of caffeine energy, allowing you to sustain your energy levels throughout the backend of your workout. This means you can power through the later stages of your training without experiencing a significant crash effect.

The inclusion of malic acid in Infinergy also contributes to better absorption. Malic acid helps facilitate the digestion and utilization of caffeine, ensuring that your body can efficiently process and utilize the energizing effects of caffeine. This can result in a smoother and more sustained energy boost during your workouts.

By incorporating Infinergy into REBELLION, users can experience long-lasting sustained energy, minimize the "caffeine crash" effect, and benefit from improved caffeine absorption due to the presence of malic acid.